One Down

The Salt Lake Tribune had an interesting story this morning regarding married LDS couples and what happens when one of them “loses faith”.

We work with a few people in this situation, so I was interested in reading the article aloud to my partner as well and we discussed it in that context.

The gist seems to be that when one’s family, work, social and spiritual lives are centered on a single fulcrum and that fails, it seems to be difficult for the remaining “faithful” spouse to remain devoted to a relationship based solely on that same fulcrum.

However, when the relationship is founded on love, support, friendship and devotion to each other — and not just on common religious beliefs — there seems to be less inclination for separation and even more motivation to strengthen the bonds and move forward together.

I would guess that the aforementioned “crisis of faith” will only become more common in the future as the LDS church continues to lose formerly stalwart members to doubt, unanswered questions, historical research and publication, common sense and a general “wake up and smell the coffee” moment.

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