LDS and Marriage Equality

An old mission companion and former LDS bishop, mentioned to me this week that he thinks the LDS church will have to change its policies on gays and marriage equality in the coming years. To quote him, “I think this will happen before women get the priesthood, unfortunately”.

He said that much of what is paraded about as “doctrine” is in fact, simply policy and is not based on anything more than cultural and passé contemporary bias.

We discussed how the church is on the wrong side of history and will have to adapt and change or run the risk of becoming irrelevant. He mentioned that the secrecy and whitewashing of LDS leaders’ and church history needs to change.

He cited how the former RLDS (Community of Christ) church has adapted with the times and mentioned specifically how they have been open with church history and simply shrug and say, “That’s the way it was; let’s learn from it”.

We discussed my own homosexuality, excommunication and other related topics and he said that he felt that I was still a missionary — albeit for a different reason than perhaps I knew. He also said that our excommunication was “really mishandled”.

While I had previously noted that this man was somewhat liberal in his thought, I was surprised to hear just how liberal he is — and a real example of unconditional (and could it be? Christlike) love.

ADDENDUM: One of the things mentioned in the conversation was that he felt that the church’s Proclamation on the Family needs to be “quietly retired”. He said that it is an embarrassment to the church and will be seen as such in the future.

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