Supreme Court and Equal Marriage

Beginning tomorrow, the United States Supreme Court will hear arguments on overturning (or sustaining) the Defense of Marriage Act, which dates from President Clinton’s term in office and California’s Proposition 8 which overturned marriage equality in the state of California (and which was to a great deal funded and pushed by the LDS church).

News reports today indicate that there has been a sea-change in public opinion over the last nine years, and that more than 53% of Americans now support marriage equality for  gays and lesbians. Most people now say they have a gay relative or friend, so apparently living in the closet helps no one.

I believe the rulings are not anticipated until June, so the next 2-3 months will be tense and a political hotbed. I can’t wait to see the tripe that will hit Facebook as those who want to maintain the status quo fight their losing battle via the social media.

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